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The Importance of Self Care

We are often told that self care is selfish. And that self care is a waste of precious time. Over the years I have found that self care is actually the opposite of selfish. It is actually a necessity for living a life full of joy and love.

When we slow down and really listen to our needs, we often end up having more energy to do the things that we want to do and help the people that we need to help.

Moms especially tend to put self care on the back burner. We have so much to do. A seemingly endless list of responsibilities, which is exactly why we need to set aside the time to make our self care a priority. When we put ourselves first in this way we end up feeling more vibrant, and having more to share with the world. More Joy. More Love. More Light. We end up having more patience with our children and may even feel more playful at heart. Life becomes fun again!

Self care is not just about eating right and exercising. Neither is it about pampering yourself. Self Care is really just checking in with your self to see what you need.

And, with as busy as life can get sometimes it is nice to create a dedicated space for it in our home. A place you can turn to any time of day, when you need to reconnect with yourself.

Let’s create a place that sets the scene for self love and care. This space will assist us in nurturing and softening our hearts and souls.

 Do You Accept the Challenge?

I challenge you to find a self care accountability buddy. A friend that will check in with you daily or weekly to see how you are doing. You can help cheer each other on and remind each other how important and worthy you are of self love. Remind each other to check in and take breaks. Try this for a month and see the difference it makes in both of your lives.



If you don’t have someone to take on this challenge with, you might try setting a timer or reminders on your phone to help you to take pauses during the day and touch base with yourself. See what you need. And then take the time care for yourself. It may be just stopping to take a few deep breaths, or stepping outside for some fresh air.


Then at the end of the day make time to do a little journaling. Write down the ways in which you tool care of yourself today and make note of how you felt afterwards. You can also make note of some things that you would like to incorporate into you day or week that would help you fill your self care cup, so to speak.


Time for Self Care

If you are looking for ideas on how to carve out time for self care. Check out this article on How to Enhance Your Self Care and Free Downloadable Guide.

Creating Space

We know how important self care is and we’ve carved out time for it in our day. Now let’s create space for it in our home!

Setting aside time for Self love and care is so important, but it can also be quite beneficial to create a special space for your self care as well.

When we create space for ourselves we are drawn to this beautiful space and are more likely to stick to the practice of self care. 

This oasis doesn’t have to take up a whole room of your house, although it can be if you have the space for this. For me it is just a space in my bedroom.

Take time to make this space beautiful for yourself. Add loving touches and take care in setting it up in a way that you will find most enjoyable.

Here’s How to Create Your Sanctuary:

Step 1: Choose a space in your home to create a sanctuary for yourself.

Step 2: Consider what types of self care activities you enjoy. This will help you to determine the size and location that will best suit your needs.

For example, if you love to paint, you may want a space that has ample sunlight.

If you love to do yoga, you will want a space that is at least as big as your yoga mat.

Step 3: Gather any necessary supplies. Get the things you will need in order to set up your space for the activities you enjoy.

Step 4: Add Some Beautiful Accents – Add some decorative touches to make this space truly special and enjoyable for you!


Step 5: Enjoy the beautiful oasis that you have created to care for and love on your precious body and beautiful soul!

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Here are some Ideas for Self Care and Materials to Consider Gathering for your Space:

Art Supplies

Adult coloring has become quite popular. You can find many Adult coloring books with mandalas or nature images to color to your heart’s desire. I enjoy coloring. It is a beautiful and fun way to get into a meditative and creative zone. Here are some of my favorite coloring books. You can use different mediums to add color to your pages. I love using markers or colored pencils. You may like to explore mixing mediums to get neat effects. 

You may also like to try a new medium such as learning how to watercolor or zentangle.

Bubble Bath

Baths can be quite relaxing and soothing. They are a lovely way to wind down at the end of the day. I love to add bubbles and magnesium bath flakes to my bath for a luxuriously relaxing bath!


You may also like to equip your self care sanctuary with a yoga mat. Yoga mats are wonderful for yoga, but can also be useful for general stretching, Pilates, and just laying down to relax and listening to a guided body scan meditation.

Here is one of my favorite yoga mats. And this thicker mat is lovely if you are doing yoga on a harder surface or outdoors.


Journaling is also a wonderful way to allow for your feelings and express your gratitude. I have created a Free Simple Self Care Journal for Moms for you to Download and Enjoy!

Guided Meditation

Guided meditations can be a lovely way to settle your mind and create space for more love and joy to flow into your life. I have a library full of guided meditations for you to explore and enjoy!

If you are looking to learn more about meditation, or you need some guidance in starting your meditation practice check our The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Meditation.

Meditation Cushion

When meditating on the floor, you may like to use a meditation cushion to help maintain proper posture. Using a meditation cushion helps to keep me comfortable during my meditation.

Allow Your Space to Reflect You

Now that we have all of our supplies for our self care sanctuary it is time to add some beautiful touches to help set the ambiance.

How do you want your special oasis to feel?

Do you want your space to feel warm and cozy? Or do you want your space to feel bright and vibrant?

Do you have a favorite color? Is there a color that relaxes you?

Do you have a favorite personal style you are naturally drawn to? Modern? Traditional? Farmhouse? Or something in between?

Use your response to help choose the right accessories for your special space.

Here are some ideas for lovely touches to add to your Self Care Space:

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are a beautiful way to cleanse the air in your sanctuary and create a beautiful glow in your space. I like to dim the light and turn on my Himalayan salt lamp. It really creates a peaceful space for yoga and meditation.


If you are looking to create a cozy setting, another idea is to lite some beautiful candles set the mood. Here are some lovely organic candles you may enjoy.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Candle Holders

If you love the idea of both the Himalayan salt lamp and candles, you might like to try a Himalayan salt lamp candle holder

Essential Oils

Before I begin my self care time, I enjoy diffusing essential oils. There is some amazing information out there on essential oils and the brain. Inhaling essential oils can have a powerful effect on stress, memory, hormone balance, and emotions! My favorite essential oil for self care is the Peace and Calming blend by Young Living. This blend contains Ylang Ylang, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy Essential Oils. This beautiful blend has quite the calming effect.

Just add some water and a few drops of oil to your diffuser and experience the peace and calming!

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils check out Getting Started with Essential Oils and the Free Embracing Essential Oils Course!


Bringing a touch of nature into your home through a house plant, bamboo or succulent can help to ground you and bring a sense of peacefulness into your self love space.



Changing your lighting can change the way your entire space feels. Getting a smaller lamp to set on a table or a floor lamp can be the perfect addition to your sanctuary. Add a touch of your personality by choosing a beautiful lamp shade.


I have baskets all over my home. They are such a lovely and convenient way to store small items. In your self care space you may like to choosee different size baskets to keep your books and art supplies.


Reading books, especially books printed on paper that I can hold in my hands is a great way

Books – Check out my Book List. These are some of my very favorite books for personal growth and some fiction books just for fun!

Natural Touches

Adding other touches of nature such as seashells, crystals, or a Zen Garden can be a lovely way to set the scene for your self care space. Adding any touches of nature that feel good to you will have a calming and soothing effect.

A Comfy Chair

Find a comfortable chair to meditate in or to snuggle up in to read a good book. If you are looking for some good books, check out this book list.


Pillows can be functional AND decorative! So choose a couple of pillows that you love as accents to your special space.


No matter the season I love getting cozy with a soft throw blanket. You may also like to try a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are known to help enhance relaxation and reduce stress.

Art and Inspiration

Having some inspiration on the walls around you whether messages in beautiful lettering, some lovely images on canvas, or some framed photographs can uplift and inspire you with a single glance.

Take Your Time

Take your time setting up your self love oasis. You don’t have to grab all of the items at once. Start by picking the space that you would like to transform. Then as you begin to use the space you will see what you may like to add to make it more comfortable, usable, and beautiful. There is no rush here. Just as in your self care practice. Remember to enjoy the journey.

Your Go-To Space

This will become your go to place for your self care and self love.

Self Care is really Self Love. When we take the time to care for and love ourselves our light shines more brightly and we have more to share with the world!

So hop into some comfortable clothes. Pour yourself a cup of tea, turn on your diffuser, and enjoy your beautiful self care sanctuary!

Your Favorites

Share your favorite items in your self care sanctuary. What are some of your favorite elements in your Sanctuary? What is your favorite way to practice self care in your special space?

Wishing You A Simply Joyful Journey!