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I am the vast blue sky up above

Watching, wondering, searching with love.

The wind, the storms, and the clouds go by

Whether rain or shine, thoughts move through my mind.

At times my sky is blue with nary a cloud in sight,

Other times I see lightning and thunder thrashing with all of its might.

Sometimes I find I am lost in a storm,

Completely surrounded, not feeling love.

Confused, forgetting my true essence,

No matter what the weather, I am always the sky.

More and more I am able to remember this truth,

And remain connected as the observer, as my thoughts pass by

Marveling, wondering, noticing

And as I do, my heart is filled with love and space

And I realize that this earth is an amazing place.

This guided meditation centers around finding spaciousness and recognizing the vastness of your true essence, assisting you to find true freedom through awareness of your thoughts.

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