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Summertime is here!!!

Our kids want more than anything to connect with us. It is not about having the perfect summer vacation, or even the perfect summer staycation for that matter, but instead, it is about staying present and having fun with your family that will create precious memories that will last a lifetime!

I am excited to share this guest post/collaboration with you from my friend, Poovanesh Pather, of Enjoy!

60 Absolutely Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Are you planning fun summer activities to build wonderful memories with your kids?

Confused about the gazillion choices of exciting things to do that won’t shatter the budget?

No worries Mom. This post will give you the perfect plan to create fun summer activities your kids will absolutely love.

But before we get to the list of activities, let’s start with a few often overlooked basics to up the enjoyment for your little darlings and lessen your stress.


Master these hacks and you will yearn for the summer vacation to last the whole year.


The key to rocking this summer is to be super organized.


You don’t want to exhaust yourself chauffering your kids to all their fun activities. Making sure to do a little planning, preparing, and organizing can help you and your kids avoid burnout.

Get Organized For Success

Shop For Craft Supplies

If you’re not sure what supplies you need to keep on hand for crafts, check out this video for some inspiration.

Stock the Pantry

It’s no secret that kids get hungry all the time. Save yourself time in the kitchen by stocking your pantry, fridge and freezer with healthy snacks.

Embrace meal planning to avoid being stuck in the kitchen after a day out.

Get inspiration and easy and delicious summer recipes from Pinterest.

Make a List of Local Activities

Look up museums, play centers, shopping malls and libraries for free activities for kids. Local newspapers and magazines often include family-friendly events. Put together a list of activities you know and love and some that you would like to try out.

On the Go Bags

Have 3 bags packed and ready to get going quickly.

  1. A change of clothing for each child and essential toiletries, including:
  1. A first aid kit. Add products for help with:


  1. A cooler with fruit, water, sandwiches, and other yummy snacks.

 Check out the Free Essential Oils Course for Moms for tips on natural remedies for your first aid kit and immune boosting snacks for your kids!

Now that you’ve laid the foundation for a memory-making summer, let’s take a deep dive into the fun activities for your kids.


Here’s a List of Tried and Tested Kid-Approved Activities:

Backyard Fun

Fun in the Kitchen

  1. Bake Cupcakes
  2. Make Dessert Pizzas
  3. Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies
  4. Invent an Ice Cream Sandwich
  5. Make Popsicles
  6. Create an Original Ice Cream Flavor
  7. Cook up a Family Dinner
  8. Put Together a Unique Jamie Oliver Style Smorgasbord
  9. Make Lasagna Cupcakes
  10. Create a Stir Fry Buffet

Outdoor Fun

  1. Go on a Bug Hunt
  2. Record your findings in a Bug Journal
  3. Visit a Nature Center
  4. Fly a Kite
  5. Spend the Day at the Beach
  6. Build Sand Castles and Pick Shells
  7. Have a Beach Barbeque
  8. Visit a Farmer’s Market
  9. Go Fruit Picking
  10. Go for a Family Bike Ride
  11. Have a Picnic at the Playground
  12. Set up a Lemonade Stand
  13. Go Fishing
  14. Visit a Petting Zoo
  15.  Go to an Amusement Park


At Home Indoor Fun

  1. Play Cards
  2.  Learn Some Fun Magic Tricks
  3. Play Board Games
  4. Put Together a Summer Scrap Book or a Family Yearbook
  5. Make a Fort out of Cardboard Boxes
  6. Have a Movie Marathon
  7. Play Charades
  8. Choreograph a Family Dance Routine
  9. Play Kids Yoga
  10. Plan your Next Family Vacation

Crafty Fun at Home

  1. Personalize a T-Shirt
  2. Design a Family Vision Board
  3. Paint Your Very Own Pet Rock
  4. Make Bracelets and Necklaces
  5. Design Headbands & Other Accessories
  6. Build Your Own Clock
  7. Make Fun Dream Catchers
  8. Decorate Some Wind Chimes
  9. Make Unique Coffee Mugs for the Family
  10. Make Your Own Masterpiece Paintings

Educational Activities

  1. Visit a Museum
  2. Go to an Art Gallery
  3. Attend a Photo Exhibition
  4. Go to a Chess Competition
  5. Visit a Theater and Enjoy a Musical 

So there you have it. An action plan to make this summer the most memorable one for your kids.