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50 Soul Nourishing Self Care Practices for Busy Moms

[Discover 50 Self Care Practices for Moms that will help you to nourish your soul, fill your cup, and help you find happiness & joy in motherhood and life.]

Why Every Mom Needs to Practice Self Care

She looked up at me with wide eyes and a mixture of shock and betrayal on her face. I had just snapped at my sweet little girl.
I felt so ashamed.
She was just being playful and free-spirited like the beautiful soul she is. But I couldn’t handle it. My inner space was in turmoil. There was no room within me left for anything much less her silliness and curiosity.
I didn’t want to get upset with her. I never want to get upset with any of my kids, but there I was feeling frustrated and surprised by my own unkindness.

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Normal isn’t always healthy.

It took me a long time to figure how why I was getting upset even when I was committed to staying calm with my kids.
It turned out that I was following the socially acceptable idea that we can and should put everything and everyone before ourselves. That even contemplating caring for our own needs would be unthinkably selfish.
This way of living wasn’t sustainable for me. I couldn’t be the mom I longed to be with my girls, and that made my heart ache.
Ironic, right? I thought putting my kids needs and desires before my own was what it meant to be a “good” mom.

Breaking the Cycle

So, I decided to try something different. I started to take care of myself first. And the shift was barely noticeable at first. I began to feel a sense of worthiness and hope.
It was enough for me to keep going with my little self care experiment. 
Over time I started to notice myself smiling more and being more silly and playful with my kids.
Now I know with my whole heart that taking care of myself is exactly what makes you a good mom.
It is the secret sauce to staying calm with your little ones.
It also sets a beautiful example for them the importance of self care in their lives. What an amazing gift to give our children!

Soul Nourishing Self Care Practices for Moms

So, Beautiful Mama, I have put together some soul nourishing self care practices for you. Find ones that speak to your soul and take time to care for and love yourself today, and everyday. Your children will thank you!
1. Take a Bubble Bath
2. Go for a Walk
3. Have Lunch with a Girlfriend
4. Practice Yoga
5. Light a Candle
6. Meditate
7. Dress Up – Accessorize – Wear Something That Makes You Feel Beautiful
8. Dress Down – Get Comfortable – Wear Something that Makes You Feel Cozy
9. Put on Some Relaxing Music
10. Put on Some Uplifting Music, and Dance
11. Smile – Allow Your Smile to Light Up Your Whole Face
12. Laugh – Find Something That Makes You “Belly Laugh”
13. Go on a Date Night with Your Spouse
14. Take a Nap
15. Find at Least 3 Things to Be Grateful For
15. Make Yourself a Cup or Tea or Other Favorite Beverage
16. Practice Presence – Tap Into Your Senses to Bring Yourself Back to the Present Moment – Notice Sights, Sounds, Smells, Etc.
17. Take Some Deep Breaths – Sometimes as Busy Moms This is One of Our Most Powerful Tools
18. Exercise – Move in Ways That Feel Good to You
19. Tune Into Your Feelings and Emotions
20. Pause and Check to See What You Need in This Moment
21. Go to Bed Early
22. Draw or Color
23. Ask for Help – It takes a Village – You Don’t Have to Do it All on Your Own
24. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset
25. Take a Painting or other Creative Class for Fun
26. Diffuse Some Calming or Uplifting Essential Oils
27. Learn to Play an Instrument
28. Journal
29. Choose an Inspirational Mantra to Repeat to Yourself During
the Day
30. Look into Your Own Eyes, Using A Mirror, and say, “I Love You”
31. Find a Creative Outlet That Fills Your Soul
32. Spend time in the Great Outdoors & Enjoy the Beauty of Nature
33. Create a Self Care Sanctuary – A Special Space in Your Home
Just for Your Self Care
34. Get a Massage
35. Walk Barefoot in the Grass and Feel the Warm Sunshine on Your Face
36. Call a Girlfriend
37. Put a Beautiful Digital Wallpaper on Your Phone to Inspire
You During the Day
38. Wear a Mandala or other Touchstone to Help Bring You Back to Presence Anytime
39. Set an Intention for Your Day
40. Bring a Bit of Nature Indoors with a Succulent, Fern, or
Other House Plant.
41. Snuggle With Your Kids 
42. Read a Book for Fun
43. Hydrate – Drink water with a slice of cucumber, strawberry, or
some lemon for a fun twist
44. Eat Whole Foods that You Love
45. Connect With Your Spouse in the Middle of the Day
46. Eat with Mindfulness – Sit Down to Eat and Enjoy Your Food
47. Sing in the Shower
48. Spend Time Loving On Your Pets
49. Learn Something New – Finding a New Challenge Can Feel
50. Give Yourself a Hug – That’s Right – Go Ahead and Wrap Your
Arms Around Yourself and Give Yourself Some Love!

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Meditation as a Self Care Practice

If meditation is one of the soul nourishing practices that resonated with you from the list above. Here is library of free guided meditations for you to enjoy!

Be the Mom You Long to Be

The benefits I have noticed from listening to my heart as well as acknowledging and tending to my needs have made an immense difference in the way that I show up as a mom.

Show up for yourself daily and tap into your heart space so you can hear and tend to your needs. When you do this, you will be able to be the mom you have always longed to be.

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