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Here are some amazing self care resources to support you on your motherhood and self care journey!



1:1 Coaching

Looking for more support on your Motherhood and Self Care Journey? Grab a spot on Catherine's Calendar!

Simple Self Care Course for Moms

Want to keep things simple? Be sure to check out the Simple Self Care Course For Moms – This 7-Day Mini Course will help you create a beautiful self care practice you will fall in love with!

Calm in the Chaos

Want to take an online course at your own pace in your pjs? Get the Calm in the Chaos. This 8-week course was made with busy moms in mind. It will help you to approach motherhood from a place of rest, not rush.

Kickstart Your Calm Morning

Get instant access to Kickstart Your Calm Morning. A 5-step self care morning ritual that you can do before you even get out of bed!

50 Soul Nourishing Self Care Practices for Moms

Get instant access to 50 Soul Nourishing Self Care Practices that will help you bring more moments of self care and calm into your busy days as a mom!

Self Care Morning Routine Guide for Moms

Get instant access to this self care morning routine guide to start your days with intention and infuse your days with peace so you can handle anything motherhood brings your way. 

Self Care Evening Routine Guide for Moms

Get instant access to this self care evening routine guide to help you stay calm and end your day on a peaceful note.

Declutter Your Way to Being A Happy Mom

Get instant access to this guide and declutter your way to being a happy mom as you declutter your physical and mental space.

Power of Self Care for Children Ebook – A Parent's Guide

Get this Must Read Guide for All Parents!

In this digital guide you will learn ways to introduce self care to children, and get fun ideas for practicing self care as a family!

Ultimate Self Care Gift Guide for Moms

Whether you are looking for a gift for a birthday, mother's day, baby shower or Christmas a self care gift basket is the perfect gift to customize for your loved one or for yourself. 

Free Self Care Resource Library

Join the Simply Joyful Journey and get access to a treasure trove of self care resources for moms & kids!

Free Essential Oils Course For Moms

In this Free 5 Day email course you will learn all about essential oils and easy mom hacks that will have you looking like an essential oil pro in no time!

Essential Oil Self Care Guide for Moms

Enhance your self care with this Self Care Essential Oil Guide for Moms. Get instant access to oils to relax or uplift you + oils for yoga, meditation, & other recipes!

Essential Oil Chakra Balancing Guide for Moms

This guide will help you bring balance to your body and life using the support of essential oils. This is a great way to enhance your self care and bring more balance and ease into mom life.

Simply Joyful Journey Shop

Looking for more support on your self care journey? Visit the Simply Joyful Journey Shop to find Books, Courses, & More! You are worth it!

I believe you can feel calm and find your unshakable confidence as a mom, when you first care for yourself. 

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