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Self-Care is such an important part of living a life filled with joy. Here are some great self-care ideas to incorporate into your life and a free guided meditation. You are worth it!








Nurture Your Spirit

Especially as moms, we are often told to put everyone else first. Then we usually end up feeling drained and resentful. Why not take time to take care of ourselves, for then we can better take care of those we love. Besides feeling good, we also set an extraordinary example for those around us.

You are worthy of taking time for yourself to connect with and care for your spirit. You are worthy of caring for the body that houses your spirit. You are worthy of preparing and eating nourishing food. You are worthy of moving your body daily. You are worthy of love and respect from others as well as from your self. You are worthy of healing. You are worthy of joy and laughter.

Here are some ideas of big and small ways we can incorporate more self-care into our lives:

-Pause and Check-In to See What You Need in This Moment

-Take Some Slow Deep Breaths

-Give Yourself a Hug

-Drink a Glass of Water

-Turn on Your Beautiful Smile

-Stand Up a Little Taller

-Go for a Walk

-Take a Bath


-Do some Yoga

-Take a Nap

-Listen to some Music You Love


-Read Something Inspiring

-Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

-Get a Massage

Let’s take some time to Nurture Your Spirit in this episode of the Simply Joyful Journey Podcast.

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What does self-care look like for you? Share some of the big and little ways you take care of yourself.

Always remember, you are worth it!