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Here is where you will find all the resources you need to help your kids bring more self care into their lives! 


Power of Self Care for Children Ebook – A Parent's Guide

Get this Must Read Guide for All Parents!

In this digital guide you will learn ways to introduce self care to children, and get fun ideas for practicing self care as a family!

Kids Yoga Resources

Looking to bring more self care into your family. Check out these articles to help you seamlessly incorporate self care into your every day with your family.

Mindful Self Care Activities for Kids & Families

Discover indoor and outdoor fun mindful self care activities that you can do with your kids that you can do anytime!

Mindful Movement Activities for Mom & Baby

Get this Guide to discover simple activities you can do with your child to stay fit, be playful, & create lasting memories!

Inspirational Parenting Quotes

Get instant access to these parenting quotes to help inspire you and remind you of your true loving nature and purpose on your parenting journey.

The Ultimate Self Care Gift Guide for Kids

The kids you know (yours included) probably already have a lot of toys. Why not give them something that that they will not only enjoy but that will help them care for themselves and help them cultivate their sense of inner calm and peace?

Empower Your Kids Through Stories

Our children learn through stories. Discover books that will help build confidence and empower your children.

Free Self Care Resource Library for Moms

Join the Simply Joyful Journey and get access to a treasure trove of self care resources for moms and kids!

Simply Joyful Journey Shop

Looking for more support on your family's self care journey? Visit the Simply Joyful Journey Shop to find Books, Courses, & More!

I believe you can feel calm and find your unshakable confidence as a mom, when you first care for yourself. 

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