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When there is a lot of clutter around us life can seem unmanageable and chaotic.
Decluttering and minimalism are quite popular these days. And for good reason. Many people are finding more joy with less. 
Here’s how you can do it too!


Why Declutter?


We are constantly being “sold to”. There are advertisements everywhere. We end up with more objects than we know what to do with. Many people even rent storage units to store the excess in their lives.


Many times we justify holding on to things that no longer serve us or bring us joy. When we let go of those things, whether physical or mental we feel free, as if a weight has been lifted.

Let’s create space for more of what we want in our lives!

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Declutter Your Way to Happiness Guide

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How to Declutter Your Physical Space

Look at what you have. Go through your belongings, one at a time, and note how each item is serving you? Is it useful in your life? Does it bring you joy? Or is it just taking up space?
Many times we hold on to items because we associate them with an experience or emotion. We may not have had a lot growing up, or we may have heard our parents say things like “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Maybe we were wearing a particular outfit when we had a certain experience that brought us joy. Noticing that you have plenty and don’t necessarily need to hold on to everything or realizing that your experience will not go away because you let go of an article of clothing may help you let go of some of your possessions.

It is definitely okay to keep some mementos and other precious items, but often we hold on to so many things, we actually end up feeling burdened by what we have. 

You may like to go through your house room by room, or by category (clothing, books, papers, miscellaneous, and sentimental items) Marie Kondo Style. Letting go of items that no longer serve a useful purpose in your life, that no longer “spark joy” for you.
If it is something you decide to release from your life, take the time to thank it for all it has brought you. Even if it is a shirt that you bought and never wore. It may have brought you joy when you bought it, and it may have also helped you to refine what types of shirts actually bring you joy

If it is something that was gifted to you that you are ready to release, thank it before letting it go. Even if it was not something that you loved, giving this gift to you may have brought the gift giver joy. 

Decluttering with Kids

Show kids how to do this with their things too!

Have them go through their things one by one and see if each item brings them joy. This practice will be such a beneficial one for them throughout their lifetime.


How Creating Physical Space can Create Mental Space

When we create physical space, our minds have less to process. So just being in a space that is cluttered can be challenging and overwhelming for your mind. Clearing the space of unnecessary items can allow you enjoy the things that truly bring you joy and increase the enjoyment of your space as well. 

How to Declutter Your Mental Space

Once you get your physical space tidy, you can also go a step further and create more mental space. We often hold on to thoughts and beliefs that do not serve us, in fact they may be holding us back from joy. So taking the time to turn inward and notice our thoughts and release the ones that are no longer needed can be so liberating.


When we create space in our homes and our minds, it opens up space for new opportunities and experiences to flow into our lives. It creates space for more joy to enter!

Want more?

Want more guidance on decluttering and organizing check out Hilary of Pulling Curls. She has a great course called The Organized Home! (affiliate link)

How do you declutter your physical and mental space?

I would love to hear how you declutter your space and the difference it has made in your life.