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Hi, I’m Catherine Wilde. I am the Founder of Simply Joyful Journey, LLC, and Creator of the Simply Joyful Journey Podcast. I am a wife, mother, yoga & meditation teacher.

In the rush of life, it is invaluable to have a loving and joyful space you can turn to anytime to help you find inner stillness and peace. This space was created for you. A place where you can reconnect with and nourish your Beautiful Soul. I hope that these Meditations & Musings inspire more joy in your life



Simply Joyful Journey

Guided Meditations

Here are some guided meditations to help you nurture your spirit and bring out your calm, confident, radiant self.


As mothers, we have such an important role, and we just want to do our best. Motherhood is such an amazing gift. Along with its joys motherhood also has its challenges. Together let’s lift each other up and bring more joy and fun into the journey of motherhood!


Taking care of ourselves is the key to living a more joyful life. Here is some inspiration to elevate your self care practice. 


Yoga means “Union”. The union of your mind, body, and soul. Our bodies are meant to move. Yoga is an amazing way to listen to your body and move in a way that feels good to you and brings more joy into your life!

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